Approved Paint Schemes


When preparing to paint the exterior of your home, please remember that color schemes must be selected from the pre-approved options for your neighborhood and that you are not permitted to use the same scheme as either of your next door neighbors. If your home is in Firenze or Serenity, please contact Ashley Scott regarding paint options.

If you would like to paint a color scheme that is not pre-approved, you must submit Modification Application to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) and receive approval prior to painting.

If you have selected a pre-approved color, we ask that you notify us of your selection so that we have your paint scheme on file. You can email Ashley Scott with your selection.

Approved Color Schemes

There are the approved color schemes for each neighborhood. The Architectural Review Committee is working to select and add new paint schemes to each neighborhood to replace the current paint schemes. If you are planning to paint your home, please reach out to Ashley Scott prior to selecting paint colors.