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Hand to Heart Meditation

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Meditation- what is it? Who is it for? How do I do it? What does meditating actually do for me? Joey Bellus, personal development coach at Premier Fitness Systems, has created this class to help break stereotypes that surround meditation and to help you! During class, Joey will be able to help answer all of these questions and more while providing practices that you can use in your daily life. He implements herbal teas, chocolate, live music, and other details into his classes that help reduce stress and anxiety and quiet the mind.  Over the past 8 years, Joey has mastered his craft by traveling to Peru to study with a Shaman and took part in sweat lodge ceremonies in Minnesota.  Learning how to take control of thoughts and emotions as well as slowing down a racing mind is a huge part of personal development. And it’s something you can learn to do during our meditation series! Cost to participate is $15 per class or $40 if you register up front for all four classes.  We must have 10 people registered and paid by Thursday, September 13 to hold this class.  

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