Street Project

The Retreat Village Association Board of Directors has approved a major street reconstruction project for Grayhawk Dr. throughout that Retreat that is scheduled from September 25 through October 20, 2023. This project will impact resident and vendor access at various points during the project as milling, paving, repairs and striping occur.  The streets in the neighborhood of Peregrine Vistas are also being reconstructed the week of September 18. That information can be found at the bottom of this page. 

We understand that this is inconvenient, however, the long-lasting impact of this project will be positive for the Retreat Village Association and the residents that live there and thank you for your patience.

Below is an overview with important dates to note for this project. More information can be found in the letter that was mailed to homeowners

Talon Retreat

  • All traffic will enter through the Thompson Peak Parkway entrance and exit onto Hualapai Drive September 25-October 6.
  • All traffic will enter through Hualapai Drive and exit onto Thompson Peak Parkway October 9-October 20.
  • All neighborhood entrances off of Grayhawk Drive will remain open during the project. 

Raptor Retreat

  • All traffic will enter through the Hayden and Grayhawk Drive entrance and exit onto Thompson Peak Parkway September 25-October 6.
  • All traffic will enter through Thompson Peak Parkway and exit onto Hayden Road October 9-October 20.
  • All neighborhood entrances off of Grayhawk Drive will remain open during the project.

A Few Important Details

  • Community patrol will continue to process all resident, guest and vendor traffic during reconstruction. We strongly encourage residents to update their guest lists on or through the ABDI Gate Access app and limit and/or reschedule non-essential vendors and guests to avoid significant delays at the gates. 
  • During this project, residents will still have access to their homes through cut-outs or "windows" across Grayhawk Drive. Please drive slowly and cautiously and pay close attention to detour signage. 
  • It is the responsibility of residents to notify contractors and guests of this project and the appropriate access points to minimize delay.

Grayhawk Drive Map Final 2023

Peregrine Vistas

Prior to the Grayhawk Dr. street project, a reconstruction project will take place in Peregrine Vistas. The milling operation will begin on September 18 to remove pavement. Residents can still drive in and out of the neighborhood over the dirt during this process. 

The crew is scheduled to pave in Peregrine Vistas per the schedule below. Please pay close attention to this email, which contains more details regarding street access. A few things that you can do to help ensure that this process is successful:

  • There will be no street parking available at any time during this project. The only exception is the dates listed in the letter or on the map below, during which closures require parking in alternate locations.
  • Homeowners are responsible for communicating closures to guests and vendors. As mentioned above, there will be no street parking, which means that any guests or vendors that do visit your property must be parked in your driveway and should not visit on the date(s) in which your driveway is not accessible. We encourage you to reschedule your vendors/guests if at all possible to avoid any confusion or inconvenience. 
  • Please have your landscape irrigation turned off or minimized if your system runs long enough where the water makes it to the asphalt. 
  • Trash and recycle services will remain on schedule with an earlier scheduled pickup time. Please have your containers curbside by the night prior to service so that you are not missed.

Peregrine Vistas street reconstruction map 2023

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