Collection Services

Trash and recycling services in Grayhawk are provided by the City of Scottsdale. Recycling collection (pink cans) takes place on Tuesday and trash collection (black cans) takes place on Thursday.


The following guidelines are in place regarding trash bins:

  • Trash containers should be placed curbside either the day of pick-up or the after sunset the evening prior to pick-up day and be retrieved as quickly as possible, but in any event within 12 hours after emptying.
  • Bins must be stored out of public view, which includes view fences. Please store bins behind a solid fence or in your garage. 
  • Bins should only be placed on the street, never on the curb or obstructing the sidewalk, to allow for easy pick-up and safe pedestrian travel

Bulk Trash Collection

Bulk trash collection is offered by the City of Scottsdale once a month. Bulk trash must be placed by 5 a.m. the Monday of the scheduled week for pickup. The current schedule can be found here.  The Association is not given a specific day for pickup.