Common Area Landscaping

When living in a master planned community like Grayhawk, you may not realize the grand scale of your common areas. It is our job as your common area landscape maintenance provider to know the landscape at Grayhawk and what it is comprised of. The Grayhawk Community Association has:

  • 49 irrigation control clocks
  • 6,720 trees comprised of 25 different species, worth approximately $13,000,000 (data as of November 2006)
  • Approximately 100,000 plants
  • Approximately 2,350 pop up irrigation heads and rotors
  • Approximately 34,876 irrigation emitters

DLC maintains a total of 200 acres of common area, which is 8,712,000 square feet. Out of the 200 acres, there are 171 acres of Natural Desert Landscape and 29 acres of turf. There are also 122 acres of common area at Grayhawk that are not regularly maintained. This land is partly NAOS, partly drainage corridor and partly power corridor.

Tracking Your Assets

As part of our value added services, we map the major common area landscape assets at Location. GPS-based technology is used to inventory and appraise all of the common area trees and major irrigation components. This helps us assist the community management with budgeting and determining property asset values.  As time goes by, we have the capability to plot more and more assets on the property. In addition, we can track changes that occur on the property, such as tree removals and tree replacements. With these statistics based on accurate GPS coordinates, the residents at Grayhawk are armed with valuable asset information.

Map of Assets

About DLC Resources 

We, DLC Resources, have been the landscape maintenance contractor at Grayhawk since the landscape was installed in June of 2005. DLC's presence has increased along with the growth of Grayhawk. We share the same values of integrity and clear communication as the Board of Directors and the management company. Please visit the DLC website to learn more about our focus, our mission and our employees.