Community Guidelines

Effective governance helps to keep Grayhawk the beautiful community that you chose to make your home in. Below are general guidelines, intended to give a brief explanation of common questions and issues that arise with our members, their guests or tenants. These guidelines do not replace the governing documents that were provided to you when you purchased your home. Please refer to those documents or call the Grayhawk Community Association office at 480-563-9708 if you have any questions.

Antennas & Satellite Dishes

Antennas and satellite dishes are allowed, but we ask that every effort be made to screen equipment and keep visibility to a minimum. No equipment may be installed on common property. If you live in a condominium or town home, please contact your sub-association for more information regarding antennas and satellite dishes.

Basketball Goals

Basketball goals are permitted in the front yard area, as long as they are not directly mounted to the house. The Architectural Review Committee will consider permanent basketball goals that are located in the front yard on the interior side of the driveway (closest to the front door). The basketball backboard color may be clear plastic or painted to match the color scheme of the house. No logos are permitted. All mounting hardware and poles must be painted black or match the color scheme of the house. Driveways shall not be expanded to accommodate a larger playing area. Goals may not be located to allow basketball playing from within a street or common area. Portable basketball standards shall be subject to the same requirements.

Boats & Recreational Vehicles

No boat or motor vehicle classified by the manufacturer rating as exceeding one ton (mobile home, travel trailer, trailer, camper shell, detached camper, boat, boat trailer or other similar equipment) may be parked, stored or maintained on any lot so as to be visible from neighboring property or on any street without prior approval.

Clothes Drying

Outdoor clothes drying is not allowed where visible from neighboring property.

Commercial Vehicles

No commercial vehicles shall be parked as so to be visible from neighboring property, common area or street, except for those that may not be restricted from parking pursuant to Arizona Law. A commercial vehicle shall be defined as any vehicle or trailer which contains a design or lettering which advertises a commercial enterprise and/or trucks having products carrying racks, paint, chemicals and other commercial products visible within the bed, and any other special equipment behind the cab area. Magnets with printing can be removed from the vehicle to allow for driveway parking, provided all other requirements are met.


Construction activity is allowed with some parameters. Read more about the construction policy before starting your next project.


Display of the American Flag is encouraged within the Grayhawk community. Please contact the Association for the most current copy of flag related guidelines.


Rear yard access gates are to be constructed of a metal/wood combination conforming to the design details available from the Architectural Review Committee. Custom gates for installation at front door areas are allowed when approved by the Architectural Review Committee.

Ground Cover

All unpaved, non-turf areas must be covered with at least 2" of Madison Gold (or equivalent color) decomposed granite or any similar material approved by the Architectural Review Committee. The size of the rock may vary. Smooth river rock/river run rock is prohibited for installation in simulated river runs. Large crushed granite or rip-rap rock may be used in it’s place.

Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations are encouraged in the community. Decorations should not be up more than 30 days before or after the holiday.


Lighting on your home should illuminate only your property. It cannot illuminate neighboring homes or common area. Illuminating property that is not your own is considered light pollution. Flood lights for security purposes are permitted on a limited basis. Security lighting, including motion-activated floodlights, shall be located beneath eaves, shall not exceed 12 feet in height and should be colored to match the house. The Design Guidelines specify that the lights must be shielded so that the source of light (the bulb) is not visible, and lights must be aimed so as not to intrude on surrounding property.


No automobile or other motor vehicle shall be parked on any road or street overnight between Midnight and 5 a.m. Resident vehicles must be parked in the garage or driveway overnight. An exception may be granted by contacting the Grayhawk Community Association office at 480-563-9708. The exception is limited to three days and no more than one exception during any consecutive 30 day period.

Play Equipment

Play structures should not exceed 12 feet in height. Raised decks should not exceed six feet in height and color should be compatible with the house. Structures should be located 15 feet from all common walls (variances to this setback requirement can be approved in some circumstances) and must be maintained in a neat and clean appearance. Please note that pool slides are considered play structures and are subject to the same setback requirements.


A reasonable number of house pets is allowed as long as they are not used for commercial purposes and do not create a nuisance for neighbors. Barking dog complaints should be directed to the City of Scottsdale, who will send a police officer to investigate. Call 480-312-5000. All pets shall be leashed when not on the owner’s property and persons walking any pet shall promptly remove and dispose of pet waste.


There is a no signage policy in the Grayhawk community. This applies to all contractor signage, including pool, landscaping, remodeling or any other similar signage. One Open House sign is permitted in front of the property during the Open House. For Sale signs are permitted in accordance with the Arizona Revised Statute for For Sale signs. The Grayhawk Community Association For Sale signs recommended standards can be found in the Realtor Packet (PDF). Political signage is permitted per Arizona State Statutes. Signage may be up no sooner than 71 days prior to an election and no longer than 3 days after an election.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are allowed but must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee prior to being installed and must comply with all current state laws.

Storage Sheds

Storage sheds or similar structures are only allowed in rear yards as long as they don’t exceed the height of the fence. They should be painted to match the color scheme of the house if visible from neighboring property. Storage sheds located on lots adjacent to a golf course or view corridor will not be permitted if visible from such areas.

Trash Containers

No garbage or trash shall be kept on any lot except in covered containers provided by the City of Scottsdale or approved by the Architectural Review Committee. These containers shall be maintained so as not to be visible from neighboring property except to make available for collection. Trash container should be placed curbside either the day of pick-up or the evening prior to the pick-up day and retrieved as quickly as possible, but in any event within 12 hours after emptying.

Vendor Hours

Vendor hours for the community are Monday through Friday 7 a.m. until 6 p.m., Saturday from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. and Sunday from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. (quiet work only). If you have any questions about vendor hours, please call the GCA Office at 480-563-9708.